Tenant Improvements

The scope of tenant improvement services we offer ranges from a minor remodel all the way to a major renovation. Examples of minor remodels include replacement of windows and door, restroom upgrades, paint, and floor installation. If you want to completely redo the space, we can do that, too. Start from a blank slate, and we will provide a complete build out, from start to finish.

ADA Compliance

Avoid being penalized for not being ADA compliant. We will bring you up to compliance, both inside and outside your facility. Examples include restrooms, doorways, accessible walkways and ramps, signage, and parking.

Epoxy Finishes

We can upgrade your countertops, cabinetry, and flooring affordably with an epoxy finish. Rather than replace these worn and outdated items, we can upgrade them with a beautiful and modern finish inexpensively.

FRP and RVP Installation

Protect your wall with these manufactured panels in areas such as medical facilities, restrooms, kitchens, office spaces, and warehouses.